PR Components

PR components

You are free to use our PR components. There should be something for everyone. If not, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll find a solution.

Media training

Confidence in front of a camera

The video interview is not anymore restricted to the head of DAX companies. In these cases, we prepare you in our camera and microphone training. This includes rhetorical elements like directing a conversation or how to react confidently to tricky questions. Curious?

Rent a press officer - PR experts in house

While product launches and press conferences or during trade fairs, the stuff requirement increases quickly. The solution is "Rent a Press Officer". That is a PR specialist in your business, who is booked per hour or per day. We likely discuss the details with you.

Editorial tours - short way to media

If the prophet does not come to the mountain… editorial tours are an outstanding fundament for a lot of exclusive cooperation with relevant editors. We plan and organize tours for companies. Try it out.

Our locations

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From classical press work to online editoring, corporate publishing and fair communication to crisis PR.