Our philosophy

Communications is not a self purpose

We match journalistic thinking with entrepreneurial goals

How we work

Newsworthiness, scope, drama, oddity - all these are reasons why something affects us. We know how to find, formulate, stage and place this potential.

Content and dialogue are the centre – in direct contact with clients just as through multipliers. Contents of Social Media, SEO and Online Marketing are integrated in this process. This is how we attain sustainable effects and the targeted positioning.

As PR consultants we represent your company’s vision and align it with media and editors’ interest. You will benefit from this ideal combination of PR and journalism.

Benefit of these ideal combination of PR and journalism.

We rely on:

  • target audience oriented/specific communication
  • profound PR consultancy (analysis & strategy) and implementation
  • journalistic know-how
  • multichannel and dialogue orientated communication
  • enthusiasm for your products and the possibility for us to work with it
  • attainability, responsiveness and reliability

By charging this philosophy, Alpha & Omega Public Relations has been successful regionally, nationally and even internationally since 2003.

How we conceptualise

Communication is endurance sports. It influences the medium and long term. That is why it has to be sustainable, based on respect, transparency and authenticity.

Hence we align our own work on the basic principles of the "reputable business man". We are responsible for:

  • for our own and our customers' business
  • for society
  • for the environment

Our locations

Alpha & Omega Public Relations

From classical press work to online editoring, corporate publishing and fair communication to crisis PR.