Operative PR

Benefit from media contacts

Operative PR

Through customized PR instructions, we are able to present companies in the proper spotlight in public. Precisely on the spot, that is focused by the target group.

Our services include:

  • press releases (research, conceptualizing and distribution to the relevant media)
  • professional articles (research, text, selection of photo material)
  • interviews (arrangement, coordination, preparation and attendance)
  • media contact (composition and maintenance to relevant editorial offices)
  • off-the-record conversations and editorial visits (preparation, organization and coordination)

We conceptualize our media distributor according to selected target groups, prioritize and update the data base steadily.

Trade fairs - in the spotlight of the (professional) public

Many companies invest a big amount of money in stands, hostesses and giveaways. With a strategic communication before, during and after the trade fair, the increased attention of the media and customer groups is used to be even more effectively. All companies can achieve a broader reporting of their products and innovations, guide more visitors to their stand and make new contacts. Especially in coordination with other sales-related and advertising activities, considerable success can be achieved. Because a focused communication effects the rest results.

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