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Social Media

It is spoken about you anyway. Our appeal: Listen to it at least! Even better: have a say!

We support businesses and single persons with the establishment of profiles and channels. The start is made through the corporate identity of your company, because your employees make up the most important message.

Online presence

By now the internet determines many communication domains. Potential customers mostly seek the first impression of a company in the world wide web. We assist you to create a positive and long-lasting impression. It is especially more important to be precise at complex and extensive information.

Our services in detail:

  • concept of commercial appearance for extern and intern communication
  • establishment of structure charts
  • ongoing online editor

The graphical and technical realization is cared by our reliable partners. Therefore our customers have only one contact person - full service from one source.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Today it is not enough anymore to have an impressive visual and contextual appearance on the internet - your homepage has to be found! This requires an efficient search engine optimization. We analyze and edit your online appearance purposefully, so that the search engines can no longer pass you by.

Hence we concern about:

  • creation of keywords
  • composition and optimization of webtexts
  • the populate and edit process in different content management systems

Do you like to finish the hide and seek game of your homepage?
Do not hesitate to contact us and together we’ll find a solution.

Weblog - News for everyone

Weblogs are a very interesting tool for companies to lead an ongoing dialogue with partners and customers and to publish relevant content.

We inform you gladly about the possibilities. Furthermore we accompany you editorially from planning, through research to modification and moderation.

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From classical press work to online editoring, corporate publishing and fair communication to crisis PR.