Instagram Workshop

Build your successful social media presence!

presentation of products, community management, enhance brand awareness

Instagram is still quite the challenge for many companies. Especially following topics are oftentimes a concern: How frequently should we post? What content is relevant? How do we take the „perfect“ Instagram picture?

During our Instagram workshop ,we will teach you comprehensive practical tips with best pracice examples.


● Analysis of your business profile and goals

● Social pictures: How to take meaningful pictures for Instagram 

●Apps and tools: picture and video editing, preparing posts

● Storytelling: How to tell meaningful stories on Instagram

● Controlling: How successful are your posts

"I planned our next posts directly during this workshop with professional support. This is how you learn it well!" Head of communication of a regional energy supplier


● 2-4 participants
● Duration: 6 hours
● Price Preis: 1.500,00 € plus VAT
● individual appointment

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