consulting, positioning, strategy, crisis PR, founding consultation

Consultation & Strategy

We are illustrating the picture of a public business with our customer’s facets.

This purpose includes:

  • the development of strategies and concepts for your performance in public
  • the consulting of general and specific communication obstacles (e.g. positioning, market and customer-oriented communication)
  • media training for head of business and management

At worst Case: Crisis PR

If something should go wrong, we will be there for you 24/7. But we intervene, before the worst case can happen. In particular, we offer following services:

  • identification of possible risks in business
  • issue management (analysis of business-related issues like e.g. legal and economic conditions)
  • consulting and concept of appropriate prevention measures and contingency plans
  • 24 hours available due crisis

International market leadership

We accompany product innovations, especially of the High-Tech and IT sector due our international communication network Global One Communication

The big advantage: We can apply a lot of your services. Besides, we have a close relationship to other press agencies in foreign countries.

Founding consultation

We support your ideas.

Together with experts in branches of law, finance and marketing, we aid the cooperation how to start. This addresses the ones who want to establish a business. We assist you from planning phase to the real foundation and even further, since the first 24 to 36 months are crucial for the start-up. Because during these months it is made evident, if a start-up is going to be successful. While this, we are there for you!

The service offer contains:

  • founding planning
  • developing a business plan
  • concepts of finance
  • support in questions of insurances, precaution, taxes and accounting 
  • legal consult
  • marketing concepts
  • aid at business management
  • potency improvement

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