Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

"The bait must taste the fish, not the fisherman."

The potential of a product becomes obvious due its use. Content Marketing offers a target group with information, consulting and entertainment contents an overvalue that that goes far beyond classic advertising.

Content Marketing combines the areas of classic PR, social media marketing, SEO, inbound marketing, word-of-mouth propaganda/viral marketing to an organic whole.

  • concept of an effective content marketing strategy
  • determination of content in a demand-oriented context
  • intermediation of appropriate information carriers and experts
  • preparation and ongoing fostering of important and relevant contents
  • product-related conditioning and presenting of contents (audio, video, print, online)
  • spread of contents through social media, press and print as well as many more channels
  • deployment of needed tools (e.g. modification and conception of websites, blogs, SEO etc.)

Companies and brands are going to position themselves more and more due content - we are there to help you!

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