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Digital transformation, cross-media content
Marketing, trade fair PR

Some examples for successful projects

On this page, you can find some examples for projects and communication, which we have realized with our customers.
If you wish, we can provide you with further references.

Digital transformation in trade

Combination of B2C customer communication (information), C2C customer interchange (share) and organization tool for user (order and delivery)

Development of an app with these various functions as central and mobile communication platform

Integration of recipe data base with the possibility to sort, evaluate and comment
Personal list of favorites with share-function and photo upload
Interactive cooking tour
Additional information on health (nutritional value etc.) and the option to synchronize with fitness programs and apps
Deliveries, tracking and setting of delivery intervals
Personal profile with settlement method etc. – synchronized with website

Automotive: using all channels

Increase the awareness of an online trade & create market presence to boost sales

Highlight service and consulting
Position the business permanently as a reliable business partner

Expansion of B2C- and B2B-communication
Start and contact set-up with press tour for media such as Auto Bild and Spiegel Online
Placement of topics such as online security, product trends or how-to-videos for customers as well as placement of interviews with the general manager in leading specialist media
Facebook profile to reinforcement and marketing of the own topics (from discounts to videos)
Intensive coordination with marketing activities

Increase of range by 400 percent within 12 months
Printouts in all important trade journals
Increase of social media activity by 340 percent
Achieve higher interactivity with users
Up to 4.500 hits per video

Trade fair communication in the IT industry

Present new products to a large audience, invite journalists to the booth and establish contacts, define the possibility of content-creation with journalists

Introduce the business as key personnel for strong mobile solutions
Point out the advantages of the products

Research for suitable journalists and an early invitation to the trade fair
On-site intensive talks about the products, the business as well as trends and developments in the market
Coordination of devices for tests and topic placements for professional articles

Journalist of media such as BILD, Spiegel Online, CHIP and c’t were on-site and reported about the company’s products
Total range over 10 million
Five professional articles within the next eight weeks after the end of the trade fair

International PR for Smart Home

Market introduction of a French start-up from the Smart Home-section in Germany

strategic planning of key subjects and selection of channels together with our partner agency in France
Realization in both countries by the respective agency, as well as transnational second and third utilization of content

Traditional product PR (print and online) in DIY, design and architecture media
Allocation of test devices to journalist and bloggers
Collaborate social media channels together with French agency, including the establishment of presence at Instagram
Community Management: interaction on Smart Home forums and support for user problems
Accompanying at trade fair appearances

From unknown to a great market presence within a few months
Efficient use of content with high frequency and range

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